The Greenhouse Scene this Week

Beautiful Red Mandevilla $34.99

 Here are some pictures of what is currently growing in the Waukesha Floral greenhouses!

Mandevilla plants are full and beginning to trail already.  These are tropical vining plants that come with a trellis support and can easily be installed next to your own trellis, lamp post or any surface where they can climb.  Easily reaching up to 10′ in height, they bloom prolifically in the sunshine, especially when given a shot of fertilizer (10-20-10) every couple of weeks.  Of course they do not grow in Wisconsin naturally so they need winter protection indoors.  So many people like to have a “plant screen” in the summer, and the mandevilla is a good fit!

The red orchid plant is a stunning beauty… look at all the flowers and buds unfolding!  This would make a long-blooming taste of the tropics for you!

Red Orchid Plant

Sanseveria “Bartel’s Sensation”

A new Sanseveria  (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Snake Plant) is residing in the greenhouse.  This is an indoor succulent-like plant that looks more like a natural grass with its white vertical striping.   It’s so pretty I’m told the three we have are all sold!

Finally, I wanted to show you a large Ficus tree we received, with pronounced aerial roots from the top of the tree down to it’s pot.  Grown in the field in Florida, these often develop roots that extend from the trunk or branches down, similar to the Banyan trees in the tropics.  These aerial roots are usually removed by us before the tree is placed in its new office or home.

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