Tips for Ordering Flowers for Your Lady

After 111 years in business, Waukesha Floral has had a lot of opportunities to help men out with ordering flowers for ladies… for dozens of different reasons!   Remember, flowers are wonderful expressions of love anytime of the year, not just Valentine’s Day or your anniversary.  Here are some tips to remember, based on our 111 years of helping you guys out…

  1. Capture her attention by sending flowers for no reason at all!  Tell her you were thinking about her, or just say “I Love You”.  Showing your feelings on a day other than Valentine’s Day or her birthday will make her feel super special.
  2. Mix it up!  Don’t always send the same thing.  Women love mixed seasonal bouquets, daisies, lilies, tulips as much as roses, and they will speak to her heart.
  3. Don’t play games…Don’t send flowers without a card message or  sign the card “Anonymous”.  It’s not cute to sign the card “Guess Who?” or “Your Secret Admirer”.  Trust us, women want to know who sent the flowers.  And why not receive credit?
  4.  It is true that red roses stand for “love”, but the fact that you are sending flowers will show her that you love and care.  A recent poll showed that the overwhelming majority of women would rather get any color of rose than red.  If you absolutely have to send roses, how about lavender, orange, green or some of the other beautiful colors that you don’t see every day.
  5. Pay attention to what she likes. If you know she likes daisies… send daisies.  On your anniversary, send her a bouquet filled with the flowers that were used in her bouquet.  If you don’t remember, scan a wedding photo and send it to us.  She’ll notice the fact that you knew what she likes.
  6. Send flowers to her at work.  The PDA (public display of affection) is worth a lot of brownie points, and she’ll enjoy telling all her friends how wonderful you are!
  7. Be creative with your card message.  Instead of “Happy Valentine’s Day from Bob”, how about “I love you very much today and every day.  Be my Valentine and I’ll be Yours.  Lovingly, Bob”.  Mix it up!
  8. Stay positive!  When sending flowers to apologize for something you did or said, don’t dwell on it.  Say “I’m Sorry” and move on.  Don’t continue to try to make your point and don’t repeat the offense.  Instead, try this approach… “Forgive me for being a jerk.  I love you very much and always will.”  Yes guys, sometimes it helps to be self-deprecating, and taking responsibility and admitting any wrong doing is something women don’t hear often enough.

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About the Author: jane