Traditional vs. Contemporary Containers

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!  Create a masterful entrance to your home in just minutes with design tips from Jamie Durie.  The perfect look is easy to create, whether traditional or contemporary.

The plants used in this video are Proven Winners… the plants Waukesha Floral sells! Here’s your plant list for the projects featured above:

  • Graceful Grasses® Sky Rocket Pennisetum
  • Purple Chablis® Lamium – New for 2017 (recommend Pink Chablis® Lamium for Spring 2016)
  • Supertunia® White Petunia
  • Snowstorm® Snow Globe® Sutera
  • Supertunia® Honey Petunia
  • Graceful Grasses® Baby Tut® Cyperus

Enjoy these beautiful photos from Marji Saye, a member of Art’s Cameras Focus Group!

Art's Marji Saye Art's Marji Saye 5


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