Valentine’s Day is Coming

Someone commented to me that this winter is “like a black and white picture”… rather snowy and lately a little gray. I guess it’s good that Valentine’s Day is a bright splash of red in the middle of the black and white of winter! Warm up winter and give a little color infusion into next Monday, February 14th. We are stocked on roses, carnations, lilies, tulips as well chocolates, balloons and cards. We even have romantic plush frogs that smooch each other! We deliver to Waukesha, out to Oconomowoc, up to Mequon and down to South Milwaukee, so give us a call if you want to talk Valentine’s Day. Or visit our website at
Thanks! We appreciate your support of our small local business. I hope you have a Valentine’s Day warmed with love that you either receive or share with that special someone.

About the Author: imaadmin