Where Have All the Florists Gone? Waukesha Floral is Here!

Yes, it is certainly true that working at a floral shop or any retail business is hard work.  Long hours, constant multitasking, trying to design the appropriate arrangement for each occasion and sometimes not being able to provide the exact flowers due to reasons beyond our control is challenging.  However, our work is rewarding when we provide lasting memories and beautiful pictures for a wedding, or design a fitting tribute for a funeral, or cheer someone in the hospital… with the creative use of flowers.

Local flower shops do face more competition than in the past, from grocery and home stores and especially on-line florists and “order gatherers”.  This competition is here to stay, but they cannot match the knowledge of the employees or local shopping experience of a flower shop.   Waukesha Floral has been here for over 110 years, providing competitive prices and quality flowers and plants.  We work hard to maintain top quality in everything we do… we design in the way we would like to design for ourselves or our own family members.  And, the article mentions diversifying.  At Waukesha Floral, we provide a range of different services from plant rental and maintenance to corporate events, wedding rentals and holiday decorating services.  Over the years, we have seen the value of diversity.

Yes, we are one of the lucky flower shops, and, as far as we know, the oldest flower shop in Waukesha.  We attribute this to hard work, diversity, and of course, our loyal customers.  Thank you for supporting your local flower shop.  We hope to be here for many years to come!


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