Who Doesn’t Love Fair Weather?

2014 fair a 071 (2)

L-R: Tom Wachs, Fox 6 Meteorologist (2nd place winner), Lori Krause, Fleurs (Cedarburg), Katelyn Reilly, Wisconsin State Fair Fairest of the Fair (1st place winner), Marty Loppnow-Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse, Susan Wilke, PFCI-Wisconsin Floral Marketing Council Commentator, Michael Schlesinger, Meteorologist CBS58 (3rd place winner), Leah Manthey-Parkway Floral (South Milwaukee)

WUMFA at State Fair

Look at the great Sun made of beautiful mum flowers by Wisconsin State Fair Patrons! The woman in pink shorts is Jill Albanese, Competitive Exhibits Coordinator for the Wisconsin State Fair. The other ladies are interns at the Horticulture Buildings (aka Flower Fairies). And of course, our own Marty Loppnow

Fair weather is fine!  We’ve seen a nice stretch of very fair weather, which is wonderful for the State Fair!  “Fair Weather Forecast” was the theme at last Saturday’s Wisconsin State Fair Horticulture Building, and our own Marty was there as Master of Ceremonies.  Using an “Iron Chef” style floral throwdown, the competition was hot between our two weather guys and the Fairest of the Fair.  All three were given a surprise package of flowers with orders to create an arrangement for a recent meteorology graduate who just got a prime job at a local tv station.  They were given 45 minutes to design their arrangement (with the help of a professional floral designer to give tips).  The weather guys had to wear umbrella hats during the challenge and the Fairest had to have an umbrella held over her head (due to a tiara conflict).  As the competition went on, they were thrown a couple of zingers. Each had to choose two more floral elements from an array of fresh flowers supplied by our local wholesalers.  It was also the 90th anniversary of the Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff, so cream puffs were delivered and eaten by the contestants on stage while designing.  Needless to say, the whipped cream was everywhere.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable show and enjoyed by many who stopped by!

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